Meet Glen Cook


Glen Cook's Bio

Glen Cook is a U.S. Army Veteran. He's been a Teacher, Coach, Businessman, Husband, Father, & Grandfather


Glen Cook is a lifelong resident of District #3. Born in Mercy Hospital and grew up in the South End on Erie Street very near the edge of Downtown Toledo. Glen lived for thirty years in the South End. He attended the old Marshall Elementary School, then Jones Junior High, finally graduating from Libbey High School. 

After four years in the Army, returned to graduate from the University of Toledo with a Bachelor of Education. His work experience includes teaching math and science. However, there has been a wide a ray of occupations including owning and operating his own business. 

For the majority of his working career he has, and continues to be a salesman, specializing in building relationships and solving customer problems. 

Glen now resides in East Toledo where for 40 years he has been an active citizen, raising a family and supporting his neighbors and the activities that help the neighborhood remain as a decent place to live. 

His children are graduates of Waite High School and are East Toledo residents. Glen has worked with the community thru organizations such as, local block watch, “One East Toledo”, “East Toledo Club”, and as a member of the “Citizen Advisory Panel for the Toledo Refining Company”. 

He has been married for 48 years to his wife Irma. Together they have two adult children and seven grandchildren. Also included are adults and children who are part of the extend family. 

Glen was a candidate for City of Toledo City Council in the 2016 district council election for East Toledo District #3 

Glen Cook and his wife, Irma at Latino Fest at the Lucas County Rec Center.
Glen Cook and his wife, Irma at Latino Fest at the Lucas County Rec Center.